Palm Springs circa 2005

September, 2005

I arrived in Palm Springs on a big old jet plane. Back in those days I still flew in jets, before I realized what a nasty fuck you to planet Earth flying in jets is. The spooky consequences of kerosene combustion in the lower stratosphere. Forget about the carbon footprint. Forget even about corn syrup junkies overflowing their cramped seats and pesky skyscrapers always getting in the way.

The Palm Springs Short Film Fest 2017

I didn’t make hotel reservations, just started calling around for vacancies when I hit the terminal. The Palm Court Inn was all pastel California cute and reasonably priced. My first festival and attending as a filmmaker. Editor actually. Also continuity repair and soundtrack.

What De Niro‘s character pulled off in Pulp Fiction. After months of triage, I had unexpectedly made Michael Aaron’s student project, Blind Date, watchable.  This narrative short had been subsequently accepted into the Short Fest’s film market.

Brian Kuchta as Lucas. Blind Date, Stigmata Films © Michael Aaron 2005

Meanderings. . .

Art shared from The Ohio State University Library.

There’s that stale joke about the dad in the modern art museum who says, “Hey, my 5 year old could paint that. That was me. Hey, I could make that movie.”

More to the point, I can make a better movie than that one, or that one. . .

Thank you for reading.

Dan Kelly

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