DoG: Casting Christina

Christina seemed impossible to cast – a mystical, mkultra-ed ingenue. Then I met Carmen Althaus.

Remember me sitting in the bar with the quirky blonde? That was Carmen Althaus, one Fata Morgana’s principals, an actor who could also sing and dance, or in musical theater parlance, a triple threat. Carmen was in her 30s, but she presented as a woman 10 years younger, with a sort of delightfully feisty incoherence. She was all sharp nordic angles and gangly grace wrapped tightly around a slow swirl of joie de vive and smouldering creative angst. A multi-lingual swiss german, Carmen had a delicious euro accent and a ready if slightly maniacal laugh.

I fell into a sort of trance, watching and listening to her. What was it about this woman? She was sparkly, funny, odd… sure. Something else, something important. Suddenly, in the middle of that dim trendy bar, the fierce and almost blinding blue of wide open sky.

Carmen WAS Christina. Carmen could just be mostly herself and pull off Christina no problem. Was she interested in the part? Yes. Casting conundrum solved.

Thanks for reading.

Dan Kelly

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