DoG: Post Apocalyptic Romantic Comedy

I’m back from Palm Springs Short fest, I’ve realized that I want to make my own movies, I’ve written my first script Daughter of God and decided the lead character Christina would be near impossible to cast.

Daughter of God unfolds in a mostly post apocalyptic world. The refugee Christina is in her early 20s. She survived multiple civilization crashing catastrophes by mapping the childhood fantasies she improvised with her eccentric uncle onto her adult experience. She deflects trauma by interpreting events as extensions of the wild adventures they imagined together when she was a kid. The influence of this odd internal world results in eerily auspicious choices in a bleak and sometimes horrific reality.

Dan Kelly *signiture

Welcome to Daughter of Godcast. This is the podcast documentary of an eleven year journey of the making of a film, Daughter of God. Soon to be released. . . Subscribe to our updates.


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