Holy shit, I want to make movies.

Now this seems like an odd epiphany at the age of 42. I’d been making movies my entire life. My brothers shot stop action and dramatic shorts with me and the neighbor kids when I was in grade school. In high school, my best friend Chris and I shot a short science fiction epic for an Astronomy extra credit on Super 8, that was before the Mormons got him.

My buddies Bob and Mark and I recorded endless hours of Andy Warhol style video dinners in our young 20s. I shot scads of 16mm with my hot film student girl friend Barbara Jo in my late 20s. In my 30s I edited and did a little freelance production for Richard Brauer, when I wasn’t selling Macintosh computers or coding games.

I remember sitting with Rich in his truck in the early 1990s, driving to a job. Rich came out of the closet with his plan for cranking out B horror features, and I was kinda judgemental. “OMG Rich, is that REALLY your dream?” Like I knew what someone else’s dream should be. And he’s since had a lot of fun making them.

He’s Northern Michigan’s Ed Wood, and I say that with respect. Ed Wood was amazing. Ernest Borgnine was Rich’s Bela Lugosi! The parallels are uncanny, tho I’ve never seen Rich in cashmere.


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